4 Rutland Terrace, Scarborough, YO12 7JB

Where can I park?
Parking discs (free) are provided in our porch area and can be used to park free of charge anywhere in a disc zone for up to 2 hours.

2-day (£1) and 4-day (£2) (Zone A2) parking permit Scratchcards are provided in room.
Parking permit money must be left in the room.
Alternatively, send a text/email before departure to deduct money from card.
A £3 admin fee + the total amount of the parking permit will be charged if money is not left in the bedroom or a text message/email has been sent before departure.

Parking is free in our A2 zone from
Mon – Sat 7PM – 9AM
Sunday 7PM – 12 noon


Overnight parking is also free in the G2 zone (down by the sea) from 6PM – 9AM


Please observe parking signs for information or see:

How to validate the scratchcard:
Scratch off the panels to indicate the day, month and year of arrival. Also complete the registration number on the front of the scratchcard, and the name of the holiday accommodation being visited.

Only the date of arrival should be scratched off the permit. If the permit is to be used over four days (yellow scratchcard), the Civil Enforcement Officer will see it is still valid when the arrival date is scratched off.

If more than one date is scratched off the permit, it becomes invalid and the vehicle is liable to being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

The scratchcard must be clearly displayed in a prominent position so that all sections are visible to a Civil Enforcement Officer.
Scratchcards are not valid in any of the Council’s off street pay and display car parks, marked disabled bays or loading bays. The scratchcard is only valid in the zone indicated on the front of the permit.